Frequently Asked Questions

Please find below a list of questions that we often get asked by new clients. If you can't find the answer to a question please just contact us and we will be more than happy to help you.

  1. Can I have my dog walked at a set time each day?
  2. While we do always make every effort to walk your dog at the same time each day, we can never 100% guarantee it.

  3. How many dogs will be walked at the same time?
  4. We do have a maximum of 4 dogs per walk so that we can give all the dogs in our care the up most attention while being able to keep control.

  5. Will my dogs walker change?
  6. We do allocate your dog a specific walker (depending on area) we do also allocate a back up walker for your area, to make sure that we are always there for you.

  7. Will my dog get the full hour walking?
  8. Absolutely yes, we can not stress enough how important that is to us. We make sure that your dog gets the full hour out and walking with us.

  9. What if my dog doesn't take to his/her walker?
  10. With all our staff having such vast amounts of experience this should never be a problem, but in the unlikely event that it is an issue we will always be able to give your dog the walker that is more suited to them.

  11. What happens if my dog gets injured or has accident out on walk?
  12. In the very unlikely event that something does happen when your dog is out on a walk with us, we administer first aid on site and asses the injury. We will them take them to your chosen veterinarian and any costs will be covered by us (depending on the circumstances of the case).